TG United, Inc.

TG United, Inc., our solid dose facility, is housed in a 20,000 sq.ft. cGMP compliant manufacturing area with an equivalent area available for warehousing.  We are located on 2.7 acres providing us potential for building further for future growth.  The administration building hosts corporate offices, employee training facilities, conference room and onsite gymnasium for employees.

Because of our corporate financial arrangements we have extremely low land acquisition costs.  That, combined with our low utility rates, makes manufacturing at our facility very cost effective.

We maintain strict temperature and humidity controls in our manufacturing suites and our warehouse.

Entries to our manufacturing areas are strictly access controlled with biometric scanners in order to avoid unauthorized entry to production area, and we employ enhanced security to prevent theft or mishandling.  Our facilities are under constant video surveillance and can be monitored over the internet from any location worldwide.

TG United, Inc. is fully compliant with all Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) requirements including safety cages, safes and alarm monitoring.

Our areas of expertise include:

Dry mixing capability from 5 kg to 500 kg

Capability to manufacture immediate release tablets, chewable tablets, hard gelatin capsules

Automated machines to produce tablets with various sizes and shapes

Automated machine to fill capsules with various sizes

Automated tablet and capsule counters, filling, capping and sealing machines

Bottle filling capacity from 30 count to 1000 count

Blistering capacity from 2 pack samples to 15 pack retail packs

Hot forming blistering machine with a capability of producing PVC-Al.foil, PVDC-AL.foil, ACLAR-AL.foil or Foil-Foil combinations

Bulk pails from 10 kg to 35 kg

Bulk powder filling capability

Bar coding capability for outer case packs